America’s new, cheaper beachfront condos

(NYTIMES) – Forget Miami and Palm Beach. Those looking to buy good oceanfront homes should take a closer look at South Florida which is fast becoming popular with rich retirees […]

New way to value stock?

(BLOOMBERG) – The higher stocks go, the louder the forecasts for their demise. Prices are hopelessly stretched, warn the naysayers – the gains aren’t justified by earnings. But to a […]

Minding the local-foreign divide

SINGAPORE – In a bid to focus on the Singaporean identity, one must be cautious not to create a division between Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans, including permanent residents. With nearly 40 […]

Women may trounce men at investing

(NYTIMES) – Merrill was a guy, and so was Lynch. Goldman? A dude, and Sachs as well. Charles Schwab is a man, and so was E.F. Hutton. Gordon Gekko was […]

5 things to note about Spacs

Any time over the next few weeks, the first special purpose acquisition company or Spac is expected to list on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). This was recently disclosed by SGX […]