Car crashes into Ulu Pandan Community Club, injuring two

SINGAPORE – Two people were injured on Friday evening (Oct 22), after a car crashed into Ulu Pandan Community Club (CC) near Buona Vista.

The police said on Saturday that they were alerted at about 6.40pm on Friday to an accident involving a car at 170 Ghim Moh Road – the address of the CC.

The 70-year-old male driver and his 66-year-old female passenger were conscious when taken to hospital.

They were taken to the National University Hospital, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said.

According to a post on the Roads.SG Facebook page, the car had allegedly crashed through the main glass door and ended deep into the back end of the main lobby.

A video on the post showed the aftermath of the incident.

The damaged glass door, along with officers from the SCDF, can be seen in the video, which has been viewed more than 20,000 times since it was uploaded on Saturday morning.

Police investigations are ongoing.