Scammer poses as Vickers Venture Partners offering new trading platform

SINGAPORE (THE BUSINESS TIMES) – A party impersonating Vickers Venture Partners has been advertising its “Vickers Venture AI Trading platform”, going as far as to create websites, Telegram channels and a YouTube account to fool the public into opening a trading account.

The venture capital firm said in a statement on Wednesday (July 6) that it was recently made aware of the matter. Vickers said it has not created such a platform and that this is a clear case of identity theft.

The firm said a police report has been lodged in Singapore.

“Vickers manages venture capital investments which are only made available to accredited investors through our six funds and co-investment vehicles,” said the company.

“Investors should be aware that if they open an account with this trading platform, they are not investing in any vehicles managed by Vickers.”

Under Singapore rules, individuals need to have at least $300,000 of income from the past 12 months, $1 million in net financial assets or $2 million in net personal assets to qualify as accredited investors.

Vickers further clarified that it does not have active YouTube and Telegram channels, and its only domain is this website.