ESG investing not just for millennials and Gen Z: Survey

Young people care – for the planet as much as their pockets.

Whether it’s Gen Z or young millennials, the two cohorts – defined as those aged between 21 and 34 this year – have a reputation for being socially and environmentally aware.

They’re willing to use their money to shape their ideal world. A recent survey by asset management firm Amundi together with the Business Times found that 82 per cent of Gen Z and close to two-thirds of young millennial investors have ESG investments – the highest across all age groups.

These investment products include environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, on top of financial returns.

But should the ideal of shaping a more sustainable world rest solely on their young shoulders?

No, suggests data from the Business Times-Amundi ESG Investing Report, which polled 1,046 individuals in Singapore. Of this, 95 per cent are current investors – and over half of them have ESG investments.

Across all ages, the main motivation for sustainable investments is to build a positive future.

“We believe this survey provides valuable insights into the current views of Singapore investors, and hope it can inform and inspire one or two more steps in the right direction of change,” says Mr Albert Tse, CEO, South Asia, Amundi.